Gentlemen’s Secret offers you the following payment options

For cash payment, the agreed amount is handed over at the beginning of the date in an open envelope. In order to avoid any misunderstandings, please ask the lady to quickly check the amount. We trust that you will handle this part of the date in a gentlemanly manner.

We will send you the details on request.

Payment by credit card must be completed before the beginning of the date.
We will send you a link from PayPal, you can use this link to make a payment by credit card.

Please note that for payments done by credit cards we charge 8% handling fee for all clients. A discreet descriptor will appear on your credit card bill. There is no possibility of tracing this back to your booking with Gentlemen’s Secret®. Please note that a processing charge of 5% applies to payment by credit card of travelling expenses (air, rail or taxi, etc.). We therefore recommend that you refund the travel costs to the lady in cash.