Can I rely on absolute discretion from the agency and the ladies?

Yes, 100 %. We view absolute discretion as the top obligation in the escort service and we can guarantee it. This is the only way of developing trust. Professionalism is a fundamental and basic element of our business philosophy. We therefore offer you discretion from all those involved with our escort service: each of our escort ladies is contractually obliged to maintain complete confidentiality. Professionalism and discretion are a matter of course for our ladies.

Is my data secure in your escort service?

You can rely on the fact that we treat all your data confidentially and only use it within the scope of the services you agree with us. Your personal details are handled with the utmost discretion and never passed onto outsiders under any circumstances.

What should I take into account with respect to discretion?

We point out that it would be extremely indiscreet to talk to our ladies about experiences with other escort ladies and about other escort services. Please also respect the identity of our ladies and keep them a secret as they also have the right to a private life. Do not ask the lady to give you her private telephone number and do not ask her for further private contact.

Our ladies can only be booked through our escort service as this is the only way of guaranteeing the highest level of discretion for all parties. We also point out that we cannot be held responsible for any indiscretion that is traced back to private contact not arranged by the escort service.

Do you want an escort who is not only sophisticated, but also discreet? Then get in touch with Gentlemen’s Secret. We have exactly what you are looking for.

When should I book?

The earlier you book the date, the higher the probability is that the lady you would like to meet can manage to arrange the appointment around her professional obligations.

How long can I book an escort for?

You decide whether you would like to use our escort service for a few hours or several days. Dates after 22.00 and outside of the escort lady’s hometown will be set between 10 and 12 hours. If you are looking for an escort service for a longer period, we will arrange a quick meeting beforehand for you to become acquainted.

Where can the date take place?

Our ladies like to visit you in a hotel. We assume that you will book a hotel with a 4**** category. Home visits can be considered after several meetings and only with the agreement of the respective lady.

Which information is required for my booking?

For your booking we require your full name, location and name of the hotel and the telephone number on which you can be reached on the day of the meeting. Once you have checked in, please give us your room number, even if you would like to welcome the escort lady in the hotel bar.

Is a duo booking possible?

If you would like a duo booking, the success of this arrangement depends on how the ladies get along. You will find corresponding duo partner information in the lady’s profile. If you would like to involve a lady from another agency, please let us know. We do not accept any liability for the success of such an arrangement.

For booking with couples there will be an additional charge of one third of the total fee.

Is direct contact with a lady possible?

We ask for your understanding that, for reasons of discretion, contact takes place exclusively via our agency. This guarantees the protection of privacy for both parties. We do not accept any liability for any problems that result from giving your contact details to an escort lady. Non binding and unpaid dates are also not possible.

Are the photos realistic?

Yes! All photos are current, authentic and not touched up. You should, after all, be able to recognise the lady you have chosen. The age given is also genuine.

What happens after the date?

We are pleased to receive feedback by email after your date so that we can continue to improve our service for you. It goes without saying that your feedback is handled with discretion.

What do I need to consider if the lady arrives by rail or air?

Please leave the rail or flight tickets at the respective station or airport two days before departure. For rail or air travel, additional taxi charges will apply for transportation from the station or airport to the hotel. Due to the fact that these costs cannot be calculated in advance, we set a flat rate fee of 200 euros.

Booking through our escort service:

Having received your advance payment, we will be pleased to deal with the booking of tickets. We do not cover the costs in advance as, in our experience, a customer may well need to cancel for reasons of work.

What do I need to consider for an escort service outside Europe?

If you want to invite a lady to a location outside Europe via our escort service, the minimum period is 48 hours. This time is calculated from the arrival of your escort in the destination country to the time of check-in for the return flight.

In order to guarantee that your lady arrives relaxed, it is best to book her a flight in business class. Alternatively, our escort service also offers the option of economy class travel. Then we book a hotel room for the evening beforehand, so she can relax and prepare for her meeting with you.

Escort service locally:

If the lady of your choice is already in your location abroad, no additional travel costs are incurred. A booking via our escort service is then possible from a period of two hours upwards.

Do you want an escort for travel? Then get in touch with us. Write to us telling us the wishes we can fulfil.

What happens if I have to cancel the escort service at short notice?

Please contact us a minimum of 24 hours before the appointment if you want to cancel the date. Our ladies have normal working lives and need to apply for leave if they are staying overnight outside their home town. If you are forced to cancel within less than 24 hours, we charge 50 % of the agreed fee to compensate the lady for her loss of work. Our escort service does try to cancel flights and hotel bookings free of charge. If this is not possible, the items will be invoiced.

What if I have to end the date prematurely?

If a date in the lady’s home town needs to be terminated prematurely, we ask you to pay the lady for the time spent with her and observe the minimum booking period. If our escort service involved travel, expenses compensation for the travelling time and any costs for accommodation will apply. Please understand that the lost time period cannot be reused at a later date.

What do I do if it doesn’t “feel right”?

The pictures and descriptions of our escort service ladies are completely authentic. However, if you do notice that things don’t feel right with your escort service lady at the beginning of a date, please tell her immediately and end the date. You then only have to cover the travel time and the time actually spent with her. An additional cancellation fee of 40% will be charged for larger travelling distances or travel abroad.

If you contact us in such a case, we can take your wishes into account for subsequent meetings.

The ladies also have the right to say no to a date. Please do not take this personally. It is certainly in your own interests that a date is a success. To avoid such a situation, please send us a brief description of yourself. We consider the respectful treatment of our ladies by a well groomed, polite gentleman to be a matter of course.

What should I do if I am late?

Please tell us immediately if you realise that you will not make the agreed time. A fee for the full agreed escort service time applies if you do not notify us that you are running late.

Do you have further questions? Send us an E-Mail and we will be pleased to answer them.
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