What happens if I have to cancel the escort service at short notice?

Please contact us a minimum of 24 hours before the appointment if you want to cancel the date. Our ladies have normal working lives and need to apply for leave if they are staying overnight outside their home town. If you are forced to cancel within less than 24 hours, we charge 50 % of the agreed fee to compensate the lady for her loss of work. Our escort service does try to cancel flights and hotel bookings free of charge. If this is not possible, the items will be invoiced.

What if I have to end the date prematurely?

If a date in the lady’s home town needs to be terminated prematurely, we ask you to pay the lady for the time spent with her and observe the minimum booking period. If our escort service involved travel, expenses compensation for the travelling time and any costs for accommodation will apply. Please understand that the lost time period cannot be reused at a later date.

What do I do if it doesn’t “feel right”?

The pictures and descriptions of our escort service ladies are completely authentic. However, if you do notice that things don’t feel right with your escort service lady at the beginning of a date, please tell her immediately and end the date. You then only have to cover the travel time and the time actually spent with her. An additional cancellation fee of 40% will be charged for larger travelling distances or travel abroad.

If you contact us in such a case, we can take your wishes into account for subsequent meetings.

The ladies also have the right to say no to a date. Please do not take this personally. It is certainly in your own interests that a date is a success. To avoid such a situation, please send us a brief description of yourself. We consider the respectful treatment of our ladies by a well groomed, polite gentleman to be a matter of course.

What should I do if I am late?

Please tell us immediately if you realise that you will not make the agreed time. A fee for the full agreed escort service time applies if you do not notify us that you are running late.

Do you have further questions? Send us an E-Mail and we will be pleased to answer them.