What's money anyway? A man is a success if he gets up in the morning and goes to bed at night and in between does what he wants to do.

Bob Dylan

Our service is primarily aimed at discerning gentlemen from the upper echelons of society. Our charming, attractive and sophisticated escort ladies meet the high demands of our clientele and are used to being exclusively in top class environments.

Please note that there are four remuneration categories that result from the duration, cooperation and personal characteristics of the ladies. You can find the corresponding remuneration category in the respective lady's profile.

up to 2 h1.000,- Euro
up to 3 h1.200,- Euro
up to 4 h1.400,- Euro
up to 6 h1.600,- Euro
up to 8 h1.800,- Euro
up to 10/12 h2.000,- Euro
up to 16/18 h2.200,- Euro
up to 24 h2.500,- Euro
up to 48 h4.500,- Euro
extra day1.500,- Euro
up to 2 h1.200,- Euro
up to 3 h1.400,- Euro
up to 4 h1.600,- Euro
up to 6 h1.800,- Euro
up to 8 h2.000,- Euro
up to 10/12 h2.500,- Euro
up to 16/18 h3.000,- Euro
up to 24 h3.500,- Euro
up to 48 h6.000,- Euro
extra day2.000,- Euro
up to 2 h1.500,- Euro
up to 3 h1.800,- Euro
up to 4 h2.100,- Euro
up to 6 h2.400,- Euro
up to 8 h2.700,- Euro
up to 10/12 h3.000,- Euro
up to 16/18 h4.000,- Euro
up to 24 h5.000,- Euro
up to 48 h8.000,- Euro
extra day3.000,- Euro
up to 2 h2.000,- Euro
up to 3 h2.500,- Euro
up to 4 h3.000,- Euro
up to 6 h3.500,- Euro
up to 8 h4.000,- Euro
up to 10/12 h5.000,- Euro
up to 16/18 h6.000,- Euro
up to 24 h7.000,- Euro
up to 48 h10.000,- Euro
extra day4.000,- Euro

To avoid the unromantic business of handing over money on your date, we recommend a 100% advance payment by credit card or bank transfer. We are pleased to provide you with the necessary information upon request. All the mentioned fees are quoted exclusive of travel costs. If a longer travelling distance is necessary for your escort lady (airplane or car), a flat rate reservation fee of the agreed remuneration is due to the escort service, to guarantee the availability of your chosen lady.

If you are a new client and want to meet the lady outside of your hometown, a deposit payment of at least 40% of the agreed rate including travel costs is required.