Premium Escort Service: For ladies with Style

Don't part with your illusions. When they are gone, you may still exist, but you have ceased to live.

Mark Twain

Are you right for our escort service?

As a lady with a zest for life and charisma, who has mastered the art of seduction, you might be just right for us. You should be between 21 and 40 years of age, no shorter than 160 cm and no taller than 183 cm.

Are you fashionable and well groomed?

An excellent figure and well groomed hair and nails are essential in the escort service. You also need a high quality and elegant basic wardrobe that allows you to dress appropriately for any occasion. Your shoes should be fashionable and well maintained and you should also have a collection of high quality underwear.

Can you impress with inner values?

It is not just about your appearance if you work for my agency. I attach great importance to personal charisma and confidence. Intelligence and a reliable character are also required.

Does our escort service suit you?

A stimulating discussion partner is uninhibited and does not seek the spotlight. Natural charm and grace are just as important as politeness and ingenuity. You should be discreet and disciplined and be able to enjoy a relaxed conversation with a man. If you study or have a regular job, there are fewer hurdles to overcome in a conversation with customers. You need a very good general standard of education and also good knowledge of English because you will also have contact with foreign gentlemen in the escort service.

Do you want to work in the escort service?

If you meet these requirements and believe that you can work in an escort service, then send us your application. You should also bring along an open-minded attitude and a little sense of adventure. Before you send your application, check once more: is making money your priority or do you want to spend part of your time with a sophisticated man who wants to share a secret with you?

Do you fulfil all of the prerequisites and does your motivation match our philosophy? Then apply now to be a high class escort!