That special moment 2

There is always a special moment. The moment I suddenly feel the erotic atmosphere growing and the temperature rising. I am hot and at the same time I get goose bumps. It is the moment the situation takes a serious turn. The moment before we shed the last layer.

Let us be honest: After all those stylish restaurants, sophisticated events, galas and conferences, vernissages and visits to the theatre – at the end, the customer wants to unwrap and explore his gift. At least this is how my colleague Aurora calls it and she has a great talent to call things as they are. My boss Antonia introduced Aurora to me. Her task: Aurora should look after my initial training.

It goes without saying that I was not a real innocent girl. I am 25 years old and I have already had some experiences now and then. This is at least what I thought until Aurora started to teach me. She told me about the different roles she had acted out in erotic roleplays – nasty mother-in-law, superheroine dressed in a catsuit, even the woman chancellor! She talked about the customer who chased her naked through the hotel corridor. And about another customer who asked her to read Shakespeare’s sonnets in cowgirl position. About wild sex orgies on private jets, visiting swingers clubs and having sex in VIP restaurant rooms.

Aurora insisted in showing me with a dildo how to touch a man’s best friend. "It’s not the first time I touch a penis" I protested because I did not want to be regarded as a naive teenage girl. "Have you ever made a man scream with joy?" Aurora asked and I suppose that I looked rather stupid. "Very well then" she said and started her lesson. A quarter-hour later, I admitted that I was indeed just a naive teenage girl.

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Sade represents the intellectual, beautiful brunette who loves sharing cultured experiences with her customers. Whether dinner or cultural event, I am sure I will make a lot of new experiences. Of course, there are as well customers who skip the restaurant part. And there are others who skip the sexual part. But those form an exception. In the majority of cases, there is that special moment I mentioned before.

I feel it when the time has come. And I must admit that I long for that moment. What happens afterwards, might be wonderful. Or boring. But the most exciting part is that special moment. I do not yet know where the journay takes me, I just know that it is about to start. It is a state of excitement that cannot be compared with anything else. And I know for sure that I never want to live without it again.