VIP Escort Model aus Klagenfurt / Österreich

Be so happy that when others look at you,they become happy too.


VIP Escort in Klagenfurt / Österreich
Termine außerhalb von Klagenfurt / Österreich sollten mindestens 12 Stunden im Voraus angefragt werden.

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Buchungen ab 2 Stunden 50 EUR Reisekosten
Buchungen ab 2 Stunden 80 EUR Reisekosten
Buchungen ab 3 Stunden 100 EUR Reisekosten
Buchungsdauer und Reisekosten auf Anfrage
85-60-90cm, 75 B
English (fluent), Spanish (fluent)
I'm bisexual,i would like to have bookings together with other nice girls from the agency,as well as from couples. no pircings,no tattoos.
Duo Partner:
auf Anfrage
I enjoy traveling more than everything, from the hottest beach to the highest mountains, but at the same time i also enjoy staying home and cuddling up on the sofa on rainy days, and my willingness to try new food has me experimenting in the kitchen whenever i have time.
Ich mag:
I have a real passion for meeting new people. I also love animals of all kind. I am passionate about high fashion, so i sometimes spend my afternoon searching for the right outfit and keep an eye on runway trends.
Ich mag nicht:
I do not like people who pretend to be what they are not.
I'm a romantic and sensitive person and i love to recive flowers,this touches me and i find it very nice. I also like very much jewelry and diamonds because i like to shine and have a big impact to the people. My favourite parfume is Chanel no5,i find it adorable and charming. My size for clothes is : XS or S My size for shoes:37/38
Über mich:
I am a person who is positive about every aspect of life. There are many things I like to do, to see, and to experience. I like to read, I like to write; I like to think, I like to dream; I like to talk, I like to listen. I like to see the sunrise in the morning, I like to see the moonlight at night; I like to feel the music flowing on my face, I like to smell the wind coming from the ocean. I like to look at the clouds in the sky with a blank mind, I like to do thought experiment when I cannot sleep in the middle of the night. I like flowers in spring, rain in summer, leaves in autumn, and snow in winter. I like to sleep early, I like to get up late; I like to be alone, I like to be surrounded by people. I like the land and the nature, I like people. And, I like to laugh. This is a brief introduction of myself. If you are interested in knowing more, take a look of my pictures and contact me because you will spend a very interesting time with me that you will never forget.